Why a Silicone Sheet is Right for Your Scar

Why a Silicone Sheet is Right for Your Scar

Why a Silicone Sheet is Right for Your Scar


One of the most crucial decisions after surgery is how to get rid of your scar. There are loads of possible scar management solutions all of which claim to be doctor recommended. And honestly most of them are. Which one should you use? We recommend silicone sheeting for scar management, but don’t take our word for it. The International Advisory Panel on Scar Management supports silicone gel sheeting as the primary treatment for surgical and traumatic scars. These industry experts know what it takes to get rid of the scar, and their recommendation is silicone sheeting.

What is a silicone sheet?

Silicone scar sheets are typically made up of medical grade silicone. However, all sheets are not created equally. Quality silicone is expensive, so some manufacturers will line sheets with it instead of providing sheets that are 100% silicone. Some silicone sheeting is also backed with an adhesive, which makes application of the product much simpler. The clarity of the silicone sheets also varies between manufacturers. The more clear the sheeting the higher the quality. These are important factors to consider as you search for the right product.

How do silicone sheets work?

So what makes silicone scar sheeting so great? How do these simple sheets actually work? First it’s important to know that scars result from excess collagen production caused by water loss. Silicone sheets create an occlusive layer over your scar. This limits the amount of water loss and reduces collagen production. The result – a softer, flatter scar. Another benefit of this barrier is that it keeps out potential skin irritants. With silicone sheeting you get a quicker, less itchy approach to scar healing.

The best way to get the result you want is to have complete coverage over your scar. Silicone sheeting comes in different shapes and sizes, so that you can best fit your scar. You can also find breast specific shapes for breast augmentations. Time is also a factor for effective scar management. It is best to keep your scar covered around the clock for the best result. If sheeting doesn’t work for you during the day, you can also use silicone gel for a similar treatment. Scar healing kits combine scar sheeting and gel into an effective scar management system.

Really, no matter what type of scar you have, silicone sheeting is the best option for treatment. Scar sheets are recommended all over the world by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. For the best result, it’s important to start quickly after the wound has fully healed, but silicone sheeting may also help improve the appearance of old scars as well. When it comes to finding the right solution for your scar, trust the experts and science. Stick with silicone!

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