How to Treat Your Scar After Mohs Surgery

How to Treat Your Scar After Mohs Surgery

How to Treat Your Scar After Mohs Surgery


Mohs surgery is considered the most effective technique for treating the most common types of skin cancer. Some of its advantages include being cost effective, efficient, and it leaves a very small scar. While being cleared of all signs of cancer is the most pressing concern when undergoing Mohs surgery, it is understandable to be worried about how your skin looks after. Most often skin cancer occurs on areas of exposed skin. That means that any scar after surgery will likely be in a prominent location. Here are a few ways you can ensure that once your skin is healthy, you aren’t left with a scar.

First, it is essential to make sure that you allow the surgical wound to heal completely before starting any type of scar management method. That means to strictly adhere to the doctor’s orders. We get it can be tough to wait, but we are talking about your skin health here. Make sure you give the wound time to heal. After all, the number one goal is healthy skin.

Once your wound has fully healed, you can begin managing your scar. Since Mohs Surgery is often performed in a highly visible area, it is hard to select the perfect scar management system. The gold standard in scar treatment is silicone sheeting, but for many using this technique during the day may be difficult. Silicone gels offer an excellent alternative, but are often not as effective.

At Rejuvaskin, our goal is to make scar healing as easy and effective as possible. Since these scars can be tough to manage and in difficult locations, we recommend using the Scar Heal® Kit. The kit combines silicone sheeting and silicone gel in to a simple system for scar management. Basically you use the sheeting at night and the gel during the day. This ensures that for 8-12 hours a day you receive the best occlusive therapy from silicone sheeting without it getting in the way of your daily activities. Also, employing the gel during the day limits the risk of developing a heat rash sometimes associated with continuous sheeting use. The gel goes on clear and dries smoothly, so it is essentially unnoticeable even in the most noticeable areas. It’s the best of both worlds!

Again, the first order of business when it comes to Mohs surgery is to make sure that your skin is cancer free and your wound heals completely. But, once those are certain, we can help get rid of that scar.

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